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Packed with fact-based, eye popping data to help you make better informed investment decision and accelerate your Cashflow

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Packed with fact-based, eye popping data to help you make better informed investment decision and accelerate your Cashflow

Click to subscribe or find us on your preferred app to listen daily!

Episode 21: Jason Malabute's Remarkable Path and Insights in Multifamily Real Estate

  • Jason Malabute’s Inspirational Journey in Multifamily Real Estate
  • Delivering Value and Making a Difference: Jason’s Vision for Impact in the Industry
  • Navigating Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles
  • A Piece Of Advice By Jason Malabute
  • Exploring Real Estate Experiences: Unveiling the Best and Worst with Jason

Episode 20: Empowering Multifamily Investors: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success

  • Journey into Multifamily Investing and Overcoming Challenges
  • The Power of Teamwork in Multifamily Investing
  • Strategic Market Selection and Data-Driven Predictions
  • Jenny Gou’s Impactful Journey and Resident-Centric Approach
  • A Piece of Advice by Jenny Gou

Episode 19: Unveiling the Dynamics of Multifamily Development

  • Exploring The Fascination Behind Apartment Development
  • Navigating Challenges and Adaptation: An Experienced Perspective
  • Multifamily Development and Transition to Operators
  • A Piece of Advice by Tom Burns
  • Dr. Burns’ Recommended Book for Aspiring Real Estate Enthusiasts

Episode 18: Mastering Multifamily Real Estate: Insights, Strategies, and Success with Neal Bawa

  • Embarking on the Path to Multifamily Real Estate
  • Sharing Insights for Financial Success
  • Strategies for Syndicators and LP Investors to Navigate through Challenges
  • Overcoming Negative PR and Building a Strong Investor Base
  • A Piece of Advice by Neal Bawa

Episode 17: Navigating Challenges and Expansion in Multifamily Real Estate Investments

  • Challenges Faced During Transition from Single-Family to Multifamily Investments
  • Exploring Equity from REITs and Family Offices
  • Navigating Investor Confidence During Market Expansion
  • Bikran’s Mindset and Reflections on Tremendous Growth
  • A Piece of Advice by Bikran Sandhu

Episode 16: Key Aspects of Assisted Living Space

  • Experience with Government Subsidies
  • Finding Tenants for the Assisted Living Space
  • The Role of Property Management Company
  • The Valuation of The Business
  • Barriers to Entry in Assisted Living

Episode 15: Maximizing Returns in Real Estate Syndication through Effective Asset Management & Strategic Financial Planning

  • The Importance of Asset Management in Multifamily Syndication
  • Strategies for Enhancing Revenue and Decreasing Expenses in Real Estate
  • Market Direction and Investor Response to New Deals and Capital Calls
  • Valuable Advice and Success Habit of Sandhya

Episode 14: Overcoming Challenges, Communication Strategies, and Navigating Investor Sentiment

  • How Brad Got Into This Asset Class
  • The Ability to Overcome Challenges in Real Estate
  • Communication Strategies and Alternatives for Investors
  • Predictions on the Real Estate Market
  • Navigating Investor Sentiment Challenges

Episode 13: Leveraging Marketing Automation and Traffic Generation Strategies

  • Traffic Sources and Success Stories of Capital Raisers with Marketing Automation
  • Traffic Generation with LinkedIn, Facebook, Events, and ActiveCampaign
  • Lead Magnet Strategies for Success with Backend Automation
  • Factors Affecting Success in Using Automation Tools for Capital Raising
  • 5 Essential Tools for Setting Up a Marketing Automation System for Startups

Episode 12: Navigating Changing Market Dynamics

  • The Right Age to Get Involved in Real Estate Investing
  • The Transition from Small Properties to Syndication
  • Active Asset Acquisition or Passive Approach Amidst Rise in Interest Rates and Cap Rates
  • Strategies for Utilizing Databases and CRMs to Foster Long-term Relationships
  • Mark’s Most Memorable Experience in the Business

Episode 11: The Main Aspects To Consider While Doing Multifamily Syndication

  • Comparison between Single-family & Multifamily Space
  • The Main Aspects to Consider in Multifamily Syndication
  • The Importance of having Mentor in the RE Industry
  • Challenges faced in Raising Equity
  • A Piece of Advice by Jorge Abreu

Episode 10: Discover Strategies To Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

  • Rich’s inspiration behind helping people gain Financial Freedom
  • How Rich help people get started in the world of Single-Family Property Investing
  • How to Identify Emerging Markets
  • Rich’s Vision to Help Investors Find Good Properties
  • Expert Advice from Rich Fettke

Episode 09: Maximizing Success in Real Estate Investing: Strategies for Growth, Management, and Investor Relations

  • Exploring the Transition from Single-Family to Multifamily Real Estate Investing
  • Strategic Hiring for Operational Success and Business Growth
  • Lessons Learned in Scaling a Business for Entrepreneurs
  • Efficient Property Management and Investor Relations
  • The Benefits of Real Estate Investing Over the Stock Market

Episode 08: Investment Opportunities and Experiences in Multifamily Real Estate

  • The Best Ways to Discover Various Investment Opportunities in Multifamily
  • Inspiring and Encouraging Investors to Take Advantage of Investment Opportunities
  • Positive Experiences and Surprises in Investing Journey
  • Experiences of Investment Gone Wrong

Episode 07: Unlock Success in Real Estate Investing by Building Long-Term Relationships & Mastering Communication Best Practices

  • The Benefits of Passive Investing in Real Estate

  • The Key to Building a Long-Term Business Relationship

  • The Process of Acquiring New or Existing Investors

  • The Best Practice for Communication in Real Estate

  • The Best Piece of Advice By David Meilan

Episode 06: Real Estate Data: Reliability and Accessibility for Passive Investors

  • A Unique Approach and Deep Understanding of Real Estate Investing and Fund Management
  • Stefan’s Approach to Real Estate Investing: Data Analysis, Syndication, and Operations
  • Reliability of Data in Real Estate Investing
  • Making High-Level Data Analysis Accessible for Passive Investors

Episode 05: Unlocking Financial Success through Real Estate Investing: Insights from Ryan Gibson

  • Navigating Financial Success with Real Estate Investment for Busy Professionals
  • From Airline Pilot to Self-Storage Icon: Ryan Gibson’s Career Transition
  • The Importance of Finding the Right Syndicator with Ryan Gibson
  • Life-Changing Advice from Self-Storage Industry Leader Ryan Gibson
  • Aligning Goals and Vision: Ryan Gibson’s Approach to Effective Team Management

Episode 04: Asset Management Insights with Gary Lipsky: Philosophy, Market Analysis, and Investors' Success

  • Gary’s philosophy and methodology for Asset Management
  • The market direction and financial uncertainty
  • Gary’s thoughts on exploring new markets outside of Phoenix and Tucson.
  • The one factor that has kept investors coming back repeatedly to the operator.
  • The best piece of advice from Gary Lipsky

Episode 03: The Emerging Markets Outlook for 2023

  • What inspired you to get into the Multifamily Asset Class and how did you get in? 
  •  What are some of the challenges you faced during the early stages of your Real Estate journey?
  • Why Investors are in fear right now?
  • Are we in the Recession phase yet or what phase are we in right now?
  • Where do you see the opportunity for the new buyers if the sellers are not reducing the pricing?
  • How are the new market conditions affecting the Acquisition process?
  • What are the Emerging Markets?
  • How do you overcome the challenges in your career?
  • Where does the equity come from?
  • Are Investors narrowing themselves to a particular market?
  • The best deal you can do is a one-off deal in a market
  • The bigger deals have better quality management
  • A piece of advice from David Lindahl
  • A habit that contributes to the success

Episode 02: Learn About The Ultimate Investor Retirement Tool – eQRP

  • How can one open eQRP and transfer 401k?
  • What are the different options within eQRP?
  • Who are the individuals that typically go for eQRP?
  • Are there any compliance issues with retirement account companies?
  • What is the difference between eQRP and solo 401(k)?

Episode 01: Learn the Basics of Multifamily Syndication

  • What is Multifamily Syndication
  • Multifamily and its various advantages
  • How Multifamily Properties are evaluated